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Our company is engaged in supplying “tailor made” promotional items, it means we provide you comprehensive range of services – from the idea (yours or ours) through design proposal, development, production to final delivery (to you or directly to your customer) packaged according to your wish...

Our portfolio offer is very extensive: from originally decorated mugs, cups with saucers, glasses, plates, tins, bottles, towels to cuddly toys, keychains, magnets, backpacks, bags, shirts, pencil cases and others...

But this offer is not final yet!!!

If you don´t choose from our offer but you have an opinion about the item, which would be ideal especially for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our co-operation with many manufactures all over the world, we will try to provide you exactly what you need...!!!

Our possibilities are not limited by catalogue pages, we offer ORIGINALITY!!

On our websites www.corporatemugs.eu (www.firemnihrnky.cz), where you are right now, we are going to introduce you the possibilities of the original decoration of not only porcelain, but also glass and ceramic mugs.

For wider range of other promotional items, please take a look at www.ksquare.cz.